Covid-19 Salon Protocols

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We are currently required to follow Covid-19 safety protocols in order to conduct business safely. Please wear an appropriate face covering which must be worn at all times while you are in the salon. Please sanitize your hands upon entering and maintain social distancing. You may also wash your hands with soap and water in …

How To Remove Unwanted Color Safely

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Introducing COLOR RENEW! The newest secret weapon our colorists utilize in their lineup. Super gentle, and works like a charm for reducing unwanted color – so you can color change more often with less fear and no damage to your hair. The best part is it will not affect your natural color. Ask your stylist …

Hairstyles Based On Astrology?

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At Kenneth Cote, the hairstyle that’s best for you is based on your face shape, hair type, hashion sense and lifestyle, but, hey, this is fun! astrology celebrity hairstyles

Locks Of Love: $6 Million Of Hair Donations Unaccounted For Each Year

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By Kent Chao, founder of Nonprofit Investor Our firm Nonprofit Investor did an analysis indicating that approximately $6 million worth of hair donations are unaccounted for each year by the West Palm Beach, Fla., charity Locks of Love. Children, celebrities, relatives of those in need, and countless others have been selflessly donating their hair to …