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A great haircut begins with a pair of ears, not a pair of shears. All haircuts include style consultation, shampoo, conditioning & styling.

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Hair color is our specialty. Blend a few gray hairs, add subtle highlights and incredible shine or go for a complete color change!

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Curly, wavy, straight or thinning, we can alter and enhance your hair's natural texture. And with our state-of-the art hair restoration services, we can turn back the clock!

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3 Jan 2017

Hairstyles Based On Astrology?

At Kenneth Cote, the hairstyle that's best for you is based on your face shape, hair type, hashion sense and lifestyle, but, hey, this is fun! astrology celebrity hairstyles
Hairstyles Based On Astrology?
Locks Of Love: $6 Million Of Hair Donations Unaccounted For Each Year
8 Oct 2016

Locks Of Love: $6 Million Of Hair Donations Unaccounted For Each Year

By Kent Chao, founder of Nonprofit Investor Our firm Nonprofit Investor did an analysis indicating that approximately $6 million worth of hair donations are unaccounted for each year by the West Palm Beach, Fla., charity Locks of Love. Children, celebrities, relatives of those in need, and countless others have been selflessly donating their hair to Locks of Love for over 15 years. Nonprofit Investor’s analysis raises significant questions about how the hair donations are used. Locks of Love receives an estimated 104,000 hair donations per year. Locks indicates that up to 80% of this hair is unusable and that 6 to 10 hair donations are necessary to make one hairpiece. Based on these numbers sourced from Locks, the charity should produce…